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  • Jokkolabs | Entrepreneurship and innovation catalyst

    Nonprofit independent organization, JOKKOLABS is an open innovation ecosystem and a virtual cluster for a social change based on an organic entrepreneur community and a network of innovation centers.

    Our vision :

    Inspire and develop a community of collaboratives entrepreneurs to invent the future for a shared prosperity.

  • COWORKING | Make differently : Together

    Mixing the spirits of “techlabs”, « innovation hub », coworking space, incubators and « think tank »…JOKKOLABS has officially opened on the 10/10/10 in Dakar. The first Francophone African coworking space among 700 world pioneers to make and innovate differently together!

    Today the initiative has spread to form a network of 12 Jokkolabs co-working spaces across 9 countries: Cameroun, Ivory Coast, Mali, Maroco, Burkina Faso, Benin, France, Gambia and Senegal.

    All these spaces remain independent and responding to their members’ specific demands and tailored to the local contexts, while respecting the Jokkolabs approach and adhering to the coworking manifesto.

  • JOKKOLABS | Action Tank

    More than a working space…JOKKOLABS is an action-orientated ideas laboratory.

    Derived from the universe of the hacker communities and the open source culture which are behind the internet revolution, our approach is naturally inclusive.

    Innovation is a bottom-up process meaning that a local innovation can have a global impact – irrespective of whether it comes from the north or the south parts of the world. We think of and experiment new ways to answer non satisfied social needs in health, agriculture, education (primary) and new medias/good governance.

  • Our approach | Where giving and receiving meet

    Jokkolabs is a unique environment where entrepreneurs, creators and innovators can quickly develop their activities.

    We maintain an international virtual and physical network of entrepreneurs sharing these values ​​of openness and collaboration. We offer our members quality setting where they can work, meet, collaborate, network, learn and have fun. Within this community innovation process, with peers, enhanced by the diversity, we will allow everyone to reach the opportunities they are offered, to free their talents and to actively participate to the community life.

    We subscribe to Senghor’s philosophy inviting all peoples to participate in the “universal banquet” where “giving and receiving” meet and where everyone should feel comfortable knowing they are giving and receiving.

  • Our areas of expertise

    We welcome and currently work with entrepreneurs from all sectors but we do have a focus on creative economy and how it generates a greener and more inclusive growth.

    Jokkolabs supports the development of professional tech communities inspired by the open-source culture which form the basis of our new economy.

    With the global network of communities of tech volunteers and professionals from all horizons, we are particularly interested in starting innovative projects in the following sectors: health, education (including youth creativity and innovation’s development), agriculture, open technology, media and governance.

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